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Domain Names

Your domain name is an important part of your online presence and needs careful consideration. This page explains what domain names are, how to choose them and our registration charges (if you’re not getting your domain registration as part of a website project, in which case it’s free).

What’s a domain name?

The domain name is the name of your website and its address on the internet. It is also used for your email addresses (the part after the @ sign) so it’s an important part of your company’s brand. So, for example, the domain name of this site is and email addresses for it will end

The ending of the domain name from the first ‘dot’ (in that example the .uk) determines how much the domain will cost to register and is called the top-level domain (or TLD for short).

Looking to register a Domain?

For new websites, the domain registration of any (non-premium) domain is included free with the project but you may just be looking to register a domain name at the moment. This allows you to protect the name you want for a future website and use the domain for email addresses.

The prices of domain name registration depends on the ending (top-level domain) that you want. The prices are for one year’s registration; domains renew each year at the same price as the current registration.

CostDomain endings (TLDs)
£, .org, .net, .eu, .biz or .name
£, or

Domain name availability is subject to the domain you want not already being registered. If someone has already registered your preferred domain name it probably isn’t available, but get in touch so we can check for certain and provide some alternative suggestions.

If you have an existing website or are planning ahead you might already have a domain name registered. In that case when we’re creating your new website we can easily link it to a domain name you already have, even if it’s through another registrar.

There are many other domain name endings available. For enquiries about domain names with different endings please get in touch for prices and further information.

Choosing the right domain name

Choosing the right domain name is important for being found easily online — by both people and search engines!

Some factors to consider when deciding are:

  • It should be memorable so when people talk about your site they remember what it’s called.
  • Including your company name reinforces your brand.
  • Try to keep it short and easy to spell for when people have to type it out.
  • Including the name of your industry, product or service will help your site get found.
  • Use an ending (.com, .uk etc.) that is common or people would expect you to have. You might even register multiple endings of your domain name so when people get it wrong they still arrive at your site.

These are the basics of good domain name selection but everyone’s situation is unique, so for advice specific to your situation please get in touch.

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